Friday, March 28, 2014

Ms Moffatt's unusual translucent Portfolio.

 I chose this 12"x 12" scrap book album because it would stand out in a crowd of black books. I also liked the size, when opened it would give me a 24" spread.
The transparent cover invites a viewer to turn the page and get a better look. I chose a very bold piece of art that would show through the translucent cover, and it had a lot of blue it it to match the portfolio.
I adore the idea of the transparent or translucent coverings. If I haven't suggested putting your promotional postcard in a translucent envelope for mailing yet, ask me!

The right hand side of your book is the more desirable page for viewing, so put your best piece here. I have my favorite alphabet animal on the right, and the runner-ups on the left. This might be a way you could display your three sequential vignettes on one side with a companion full page piece of art on the other.
 A dynamic way to break up your book is to cut a copy of a double page spread into two halves. Displayed like this an art director can get a true view of how the pages will look in a book and see how well you work around the gutter.
In this portfolio I have a lot a nature scenes with a good amount of blue in them, so I felt this blue portfolio would work. On this spread I used blue for background papers. I felt the dark blue would look better than a traditional white or black page. And it looked good with the blue portfolio.
Here the blue background does NOT work it should be black to match the page beside it. This spread demonstrates a way to showcase pieces according to color. The subject mater has nothing to do with each other.
Also notice how I have left a white border around the tiger. This will help it stand out from the black background. I might also shrink the facing page a bit and put a white border around that piece so they will work better together.
This page had a lot of white so I chose a black background paper. Here a white border around the art would not work. A blue background paper would fight with the dark blue sky, and a white background paper would wash it out.


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